*Our school and our programs are geared with you and your future at the top of our list. Not only do we want you to succeed in the pathway you've chosen we want you to have life skills that will help you succeed in this highly competitive working world. Our educators will take time to make sure individual needs are met. Our classroom sizes are small to allow for a closely monitored education and training environment.

*Each educator is trained to meet and exceed all industry standards. Along with our instructors we will bring in salon owners from our surrounding area to give input, highly energetic speeches, and to give you career options upon graduation!

*Our training combines theory along with practical work to build your confidence, knowledge, and creativity. After you have successfully completed the first half of the curriculum, you choose, you will participate in hands on clinic. You will serve as a client, stylist, receptionist, and manager. Covering all salon duties. These "real world" situations will give you the tools needed for success.

*Did we mention all the space? You will feel so comfortable in our newly designed 9,000 square foot facility you may never want to leave. The sophisticated open floor plan is modern, and 100% comfortable for you and your clients. In a separate part of our building, the NYBBA has a professional salon and spa with a sneak peak of what the future holds.  It may have positions available to you upon graduation.