*The Application Form:
Name: ___________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________


Email Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone # _______-_______-__________

Age ____________

Highest Education: _________________________________________________

Do you plan to work while attending the NYBBA? If so where and what hours:

How do you plan to pay for your education at the NYBBA?_________________

Do you have previous education in the Cosmetology, Esthetics, or Barbering Area?  Previous hours? : (if yes please provide a transcript)

How did you hear about the NYBBA? __________________________________

$100.00 application fee is necessary for processing.  Please send a check via mail, or bring in cash, check or credit card to the NYBBA for payment.  There is a returned check fee of $40.00.  Make checks payable to The NYBBA.

Please note the application fee is NON-refundable. 

Please attach print this form out and drop off or mail to: 200 Baldwin St. Elmira NY 14905

Or Email this form filled out to: newyorkbeautyandbarberacademy@gmail.com

*You will get a response within 3 days of receiving your application