To enroll, you’ll need to show us your academic background and your commitment to the academic program of your choice. Students must minimally possess a High School Diploma, TASC or GED.
ADMISSIONS AND ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS: The NYBBA is committed to equal educational opportunity and does not discriminate in its employment, admissions, instruction, career services or graduation policies or any other activity on the basis of gender, race, sex, color, age, religion, ethnic origin, pregnancy, disability, marital or veterans status, sexual orientation or financial status.
ENROLLMENT: The NYBBA does not recruit students already attending and/or admitted to another cosmetology school offering the same or similar programs of study. Each student must meet the following requirements for consideration for admission to the cosmetology program of study:
- Be at least 17 years of age
- Have a high school diploma, TASC, or GED certificate or Transcript verifying high school graduation.

- Submit United States citizenship or VISA status

-Complete the Admissions Application
-Have an interview with the school Director/Instructor

-Provide a letter of recommendation

-$100.00 application fee (Will NOT be refunded if applicant does not get accepted into the program)

NYBBA reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant who on the basis of background, record and statements or conduct during the admissions process, determines not to be qualified to succeed in or benefit from an academic program offered. Applicants not accepted by the school shall be refunded all monies paid to the school.
The NYBBA does not guarantee the transfer of credits (hours) to any other institution. The academy will allow students to transfer hours in from another institution to complete the academic trade program they choose. If the student is below the hour requirements for a particular program they will be given a practical test to place where their hours begin. If the student did not complete 1/2 of the required appearance enhancement program hours they will need to start at the beginning of the course.