The NYBBA Is Licensed By: 

New York State Education Department Bureau of Proprietary School School Supervision.

89 Washington Avenue, EBA 560

Albany, New York 12234

Telephone Number: (518)-474-3969

Facsimile Number: (518)-474-6543



    Are you interested in a career in one of the fastest moving industries? Appearance Enhancement is generating billions of dollars annually worldwide and you can get in on the action! The key is to have the RIGHT education and at the New York Beauty and Barber Academy you’ll receive nothing but the best!
   Our mission is to provide quality education at an affordable price.  The school offers a brand new facility with the most up to date equipment, education, and highly experienced instructors.
We provide an education to all those with a passion to learn a trade. Our goal is to give you the tools to have a successful trade to use forever! Our core objective is to produce students who are known and respected simply for where they have received their education.
Upon entering our 9,000 square foot facility, which is entirely handicapped accessible, you will be feel the embrace of the open floor plan. State of the art technology has been carefully selected and installed throughout every inch of the facility. As a student you will have your own space and be surrounded by positive leaders in the industry. Our instructors are all dedicated to their individual fields and have years of experience. An important factor in education is having quality instructors. At the NYBBA our instructors are experienced, expert educators with an abundance of in-salon and business related knowledge. They all have a broad understanding of the standards that are set in this facility.

    The programs are intense which will require 100% of your effort and attention. Here at the NYBBA we believe when you give your all the possibilities are endless.  So do yourself a favor and give yourself the best: quality education and professional standards.  Start your career today at the NYBBA. We look forward to teaching you!